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Welcome! I Am Here to Serve You.

Welcome to my website. I am so very glad you are here! I often applaud clients during our first meeting. I always say, “It’s the strong person who seeks help.” Although what you are presently going through may feel overwhelming right now, there is hope. Change is on the way. Please allow me to support you on this path as you make wiser and healthier choices moving forward. I will be honored if you allow me to support you on your journey.

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If you wish to meet a life goal or make personal changes that will benefit from support, I offer to be your personal coach and encourage forward movement to the attainment of your goal.

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Sometimes the best way forward is in the company of people who are experiencing similar life challenges. I offer workshops, seminars, and presentations on a variety of topics.

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I take a person centered approach in the counseling relationship. With an empathetic ear, I listen, esteem, and support you as you explore varied ways to meet your desired life changes.

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Counseling Services that put God at its center

Dr. Nivischi is a Christian who offers professional counseling services that focus on holistic wellness, lifestyle health, and personal choices. She offers a wide variety of consulting services and has over 15 years experience working with large gatherings, small groups, families, and individuals. Give her a call today.
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